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Sydney Hotstone Massage

I know Hot Stones massage seems like something that should be found in spa type places, but I’ve had clients request the inclusion of Hot Stones to accompany other modalities like cupping or dry needling during a remedial massage. How does Hot Stones differ to say a heat pack? The Hot Stones retain more heat and can glide/knead along and into soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) and help to release and relax them before other techniques, or soothe achy tissue after treatment.

Mojotherapy offers Hot Stone inclusion to regular treatments for an additional $10 to the standard rate, making it $130/h.


What is a Hotstone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy is an alternative medicinal massage therapy that involves putting heated stones on and moving around the body to relieve pain, heat up the muscles which make it more pliable. It can be considered a type of relaxation therapy, however, I used them in a remedial sense. If you want a solely relaxing Hot Stones massage, please make this special request to me.  















Aside from being able to relax, there are lots more hot stone massage benefits such as:


  • Muscle Pain and Tension Relief is one of the most common and known benefits of hot stone massage. This type of massage is commonly associated with cases of relieving people from symptoms of conditions such as fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases. Heat has also been always used to relieve muscle tension and pain. 

  • Improves circulation

  • Stress Reduction - not only does the massage help loosen up your body, but the mind too. By relaxing, and relieving stress, studies show that it also helps improve cardiovascular responses.

  • Sleep improvement -  due to stress, insomnia, and possibly due to body stress physically, many adults usually have a hard time sleeping. It is recommended to have 7-8 hours of sleep each night, but may not be easy to do due to busy schedules, stress or if one has young children. 


Before having the massage:

  • It is suggested not to eat a couple of hours before and avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol.

  • And it is better to talk to your therapist beforehand.


During the massage you should:

  • Communicate with the therapist if you find it uncomfortable, too hot etc

  • Relax

  • And you can’t switch off mentally then focus outward on the physical sensation.


Lastly, after the massage, you should: 

  • Avoid strenuous exercises or activities.

  • Drink lots of water.

  • Spend some time relaxing and recovering your body.


What Happens during a Hotstone Massage?


During hot stone massages, usually smooth and flat stones, typically basalt, are used since they retain heat. They are placed and moved around along your spine, shoulders, neck, chest, arms and legs, stomach if requested, feet. In spas, therapists usually place the stone in your hands and between toes - I don’t do this unless requested. 


Massage therapists also usually have different massage techniques they use during the therapy. There are also times when they use cold stones. They may be used to calm the blood vessels and soothe the skin after the hot stone. These stones are usually marble. At this time, Mojotherapy only uses Hot Stones, not cold ones.


If you are looking for “Hot stone massage places near me”, you may contact us.

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