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Price & consult session times


We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex - HICAPS claims on the spot for all health funds - Prices advertised for service before the rebate - Rebates may very depending on your cover - Please check with your Health Fund how much you are entitled to get back for the service you are after.

1st time Initial Standard Consult & Treatment sessions have $10 loading on the standard rate, accounting for extra note taking and assessment evaluation.

Consults include assessment, discussion, treatment and home care, advice and exercises if recommended.

Stretch Therapy sessions include a customized class plan, demonstrations and assisted stretching.

Jaw / TMJ work has initial $10 loading  and follow up $10 loading on standard rates.

Sundays 10% loading | Public Holidays 15% loading

Hot stones $10 loading

Initial first consult $10 loading on standard rate
Saturdays & Out of hours $10 loading (non usual business hours)

Standard consultation & therapy

Standard Remedy1 initials.png
standard remedy2.png

Craniosacral Therapy


TMJ Therapy


Cancellation policy

24 hour cancellation policy applies

Once you make the appointment please note that it is your responsibility to keep it and arrive on time. Please note a 24 hour cancellation policy applies where cancellations of notice with less than 24 hours will be subject to 50% of treatment fee, payable within 14 days either in person at your next appointment or online.

Rescheduling within 1 week will allow for waiving of fees, however if this becomes a habit, future cancellation fees may apply with given warnings.


No shows and cancellations within 3 hours are subject to 75% of the treatment fee.

Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel. If you are unsure whether you can make it or start to feel ill the day before- please send a text/email to give me a heads up.

I hope you will understand as if you miss your appointment it means another potential client may miss out and as I am a client based business, I lose income. 

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