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Private 1:1 or 2:1 sessions available in person & online

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Stretch TherapyTM classes are what I would describe as best practice clinical stretching to improve flexibility, mobility range and movement with grace and ease. It is a safe and efficient way to improve your mobility, using a comprehensive system for everyone that includes stretching, fascial re-modeling and neural re-patterning to make you feel light and free.


A fun easy going environment to learn safe, effective stretches and proper alignments given your limitations/injuries.

I've been taught by the reputed Kit Laughlin, Olivia Allutt and coached by Cherie Seeto from Sydney Stretch Therapy in Sydney CBD.

Educational and customised - please tell me areas you want to work on and I'll customise the class for the attendees.


Based in Ashfield, I teach privately in person and online direct to wherever you are!

If you would be interested in me teaching your corporate staff who are now working remotely at home who may have not the best ergonomic set up, please contact me to give a quote. 

Pay via bank transfer for online sessions.

Bank details:





Stretch Therapy Classes: Welcome

Stretch Therapy Classes

Fixphysio Stretch Class with Jo

A zoom stretch therapy session focusing on feet, calves, hamstrings, quads, gluts, toes.


Olivia Allnutt, Jo Goh & Kit Laughlin
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