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Massage for Lower Back Pain

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

One of the most common problems for people when it comes to their day-to-day life is lower backache. Whether you are already getting old or still young, this problem can surely still be experienced by you and other people for different possible reasons. In addition, what makes having back pain harder is that it makes you feel uncomfortable and hinders you from effectively doing your regular daily activities.

Massage for Lower Back Pain

The chances of experiencing this lower back pain increases as people get older. However, there are several possible body parts that might be the cause of lower back pain such as the muscles in your lower back, bony lumbar spine, discs and spine ligaments, spinal nerves and cords, and so on.

What Causes Lower Back pain?

As mentioned earlier, there are several possible causes as to why you might be experiencing lower back pain, and there are also different body parts that are possibly the reason for the pain. If ever you want to know the possible reason for your bad back pain, below are the possible causes:

Posture and Movement

This is probably the most common reason for pain in the lower back, especially for students and adults that are sitting in front of their computers for several hours per day. This increases your chances of suffering from back and shoulder problems as time goes by.

Other bad posture and movement that can cause sore lower back

There are over-stretching, pushing, pulling, or carrying heavy objects, bad positioning when sleeping, body twisting, and sitting/standing for a long period of time. Those are just some of the many examples, so make sure to improve your posture and movement to avoid developing lower back pain quickly.

Problems in Body Structure

There are also times that the real problem behind your lower back pain is a structural issue. Examples of this situation are arthritis, osteoporosis, curved spine (i.e. scoliosis), kidney infection/stones, disk rupture in the spine, bulging or herniated disk, and so on. To be sure, it is wise to consult your doctor and ask for the best treatment possible.


Besides incorrect body posture and movements, other common possible reasons for lower back pain are injury, tension, or strain in your muscles like muscle spasms, fractures, strained ligaments, damaged disks, and so on. As a gentle reminder, to avoid such a situation, make sure to be careful when lifting objects and not lift them awkwardly, and don’t lift objects that are too heavy.

Best Type of Massage for Lower Back Pain

If your lower back pain does not require any surgery as advised by your doctor, another great idea is to consult an expert massage therapist to get a massage treatment that will lessen the pain in your lower back. Below are 2 of the best types of back massage for lower back pain.

Trigger Point Massage

As mentioned earlier, one common reason for your lower backache is the tension in your muscles. As mentioned in a health article in 2017, those knotted muscles can sometimes affect some of the trigger points in your lower back which causes the pain. If that’s the case, an ideal treatment for you is the myofascial release for lower back pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage for lower back pain is also one of the most famous treatments because of its pain-relieving and body-relaxing effects. In fact, a study in 2014 said that there are some similarities between the effects of this massage therapy with the effects of taking anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce lower back pain.

Dry Needling

Dry needling for glutes, lumbar muscles and cupping for fascial tension in and around the sacrum as also effective treatments for lower back pains. Kinesiology taping for lumbar can also be helpful to support movements in lower back while not hindering movement.

Where in Sydney to get a massage to help with my lower back?

If you are looking for the best deep tissue massage near me in inner west Sydney or an effective trigger point massage therapy, don’t hesitate to contact us and check out our available services for you!

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